• Kate Attfield

What should you have in a sewing kit?

If you're thinking of putting together a sewing kit, here's my list of essentials

  1. Good, sharp sewing scissors 8-inch ones are perfect

  2. Hand sewing needles of various thickness and hole size - for different threads

  3. Box of pearl head pins

  4. Pincushion

  5. Tape Measure

  6. Needle threader

  7. Seam Ripper

  8. Thimble for fabric and also for leather or thicker fabric work

  9. Elastic Threader, which is called a Bodkin

  10. Loop turner for pulling long lengths of fabric through, like ties or dolls legs

  11. Safety Pins

  12. Threads in various colours for hand and machine sewing

  13. For machine sewing, various sewing machine needle sizes, used for different fabrics

  14. For machine sewing, spare bobbins which fit everyday machines

  15. Press Studs

  16. Fabric Pencil

  17. Iron-on hem tape for emergencies

  18. Denim Patches for emergencies

  19. Quilt clips which are for holding thicker fabric together in place of pins

  20. Magnifying glass for tiny jobs

It's also handy to have a crochet hook, wool needle & stitch savers for repairing woollen items or as an emergency fix for when you don't have time to repair them. Plus the kids love a bit of crocheting these days!

Much love,

Kate x

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