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Lockdown Arts & Craft Ideas for Kids

You have got to be kidding!! Another School Holiday, Another Lockdown!

What are you going to do with the kids now, especially with all this rain!???

Here are some ideas using some basic household items that will keep the little and big kids entertained.

Toilet Paper Rolls

Q. Why did people hoard all the toilet paper?

A. So the kids can do a craft!

Ah, yeah...maybe not their first thought but, lol it's perfect right now huh?

Grab your toilet-paper tubes and get crafting, here are some ideas:

Unicorns (image courtesy of easypeasyandfun)

Fairy Houses (photo courtesy of

Animals (Photo courtesy of Loppisverige) seriously, how cute are these????

Air Dry Clay

You can purchase air dry clay at your local newsagency and discount stores. Bake at 90C for about 1 hour (depending on thickness)

Face Dish - a great craft for older kids and teens and, also for mum while the little ones are making clay balls for a bead bracelet why not craft one of these!

Semi-circle Wall Hanging - another great craft for older kids, teens or mums!

Clay bunny - super cute, you can make a whole family and have adventures, even make them a little shoe box bunny hutch

Clay beads - make some little balls and push a hole through with a skewer, super easy and fun, you can paint or use permanent texta on them when dried, they can be a keychain, hang of your bedroom door handle or you can make the beads into a necklace. Great for little kids through to adults

To avoid heading out the shops to buy air dry clay, you can make up salt dough yourself, to create a white salt dough here's a recipe

Salt dough - 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup white acrylic paint, 1 cup salt, 2 cups plain flour

Mix salt and flour together. Mix water and paint together. Mix dry and wet ingredients together and knead until make a ball - you can add more flour if it's a bit sticky.

Bake this for 2-3 hours at 90 degrees (90C)

PS. (If you don't have paint on hand just use 1 cup of water instead, it won't turn out as white or be quite as good texture wise but still works fine, especially if you're going to paint or colour them in them anyway)


painted Rocks - Calming rocks to hold and give gratitude, or meditate with, using average garden pebbles, paint and gold sharpie

Domino's - A cute way to make your own set of domino's, simply find a few rocks and using a sharpie or two create your own set of domino's then you can spend hours playing

Story Rocks - using paint pens, paint or texta's on light coloured rocks add various simple drawings and pop the rocks into a bag, to create the story pick a rock, without looking, from the bag and start making up a story with it, then select another rock without looking and continue the story incorporating the picture on that rock and so on. You can create multiple stories this way, it will keep the kids entertained for hours on end.

Beauty Products

Bath Salts - easy to make and smell fantastic, create a calming vibe in your home by making bath salts, it's a great little project and the kids or you can take a soak in the tub afterwards, perfect! For these salts, I combined Himalayan rock salt with epsom salts, rose petals, crysanthemum and lavender essential oils and popped them into a large jar, just use a few tablespoons in the bath. I like to put mine into a heatproof jub, add boiling water and let the salt melt before adding it to the bath, otherwise you just sit on little rocks which isn't that comfy...

Sugar Scrub - a yummy scrub that you can literally eat (go easy, lol)

1 cup sugar

¼ cup raw sugar

1 tbsp. cinnamon

1 cup oil (I used sunflower)

10 drops of lavendar essential oil

Keep an eye out on the blog and Instagram for more great ideas over the holidays.

Have a fabulous School Holidays!

Much Love,

Kate xxx

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