• Kate Attfield

Holiday Update

Wow! What a crazy start to a decade! I hope you're all well and enjoying each other's company at home!

As you will all be aware, with all of the new laws, we won't be hosting school holiday workshops these coming holidays. I have just rescheduled them for the July holidays, we may need to stay tuned on that one though, depending on how it all goes...

I wanted to let you know that I have uploaded my how-to videos to the website, which have great tips for sewing with kids and beginners, so if you want to get your little one's sewing still, please pop them on the website and they can take a look.

Just a quick reminder also that my popular sewing and dreamcatcher kits are also available. I am selling them fast in the USA as they're all stuck indoors and it seems sewing is a fabulous past-time. They can be posted to you or collected from me in Newport.

Please enjoy your time with your immediate family and especially having your little ones at home. We're really enjoying homeschooling, it's great for the kids not to catch the bus to school and I must say, getting up at 8 am and not making lunches is bliss!!

I wish you all the best for Easter and the school break as well. I have made a couple of how-to's for Easter too, with stuff you'll find around the house. Keep an eye out for updates on videos too.

With love,

Kate x

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