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Creative Kids Voucher 2021

A big thank you to all of you who used your Creative Kids Voucher with me last year, I know from your feedback that the kids absolutely their sewing kits and project kits!

It's exciting to create a product from scratch and have many people buy it and most importantly love it! Also, after making up over a thousand project kits at Christmas time for the vouchers, that's a lot of kids who now love sewing! It's pretty exciting to help empower your kids this way, so thank you for letting me be part of it, and thank you for encouraging your children to learn to sew!

If you don't have this year's voucher yet, it's open to NSW kids enrolled in school, which includes primary and secondary school. The voucher is for $100 and can be used to buy creative products. The feedback I have received is that parents are so happy to find a product that is high quality and original, they also noted that they could tell it was designed specifically for kids with lots of love and attention to take care that the kids could actually achieve great results and enjoy the process, feeling great about themselves whilst they were doing it! Apparently Granny loved seeing what they could do too!

The sewing kits consist of needles and threads, fabric scissors, pins, and so on, are perfect for kids for a range of crafts as well as sewing, they contain a crochet hook, wool needle, stitch savers in addition to all the sewing tools you'll ever need. My project kits are the ever-popular designs such as the Unicorn, Bunny & Owl. There are twelve different designs and they come in large sizes, like a toy or cushion for the bed and also mini size.

If you wish to purchase using your voucher just check out the Creative Kids Voucher Packs Page then select your chosen products from the shop page. I have created the voucher page to help you get the most out of your $100 voucher. It has the voucher code so you can check out for free.

As always, if you have any questions please contact me on 0400615787, I'm super happy to help.

Much love,

Kate xx

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