• Kate Attfield

Crafty Kids Gifts

Just a reminder that your kids love our sewing projects!

They make the perfect Christmas Gift for crafty kids.

Choose from our Enchanted Series with a Unicorn, Swan, Bunny, Fairy, Owl and Frog in pretty natural linen and blush tulle with copper coloured sparkles or Navajo with Mountain, Cactus, Fox, TeePee, Bear, and Buffalo.


Also our fabulous new Needle and Thread sewing kits, the large one is great for kids and adults who love sewing and those who have or may soon get a sewing machine, it is about the size of an A4 page and 3cm thick with 183 items, and stores beautifully on a bookshelf, it's $34.95 and has over $100 worth of stuff in it like needles, pins, 36 spools of hand and machine thread, specialist sewing tools, seam ripper, scissors etc.

The mini kit is about an A5 size and 2cm thick, it has small threads, needles, pins, scissors, seam ripper etc, perfect for hand sewing. They are both in beautiful white ift vegan leather, in a white and gold gift box.

Take a look, you'll be supporting a small local business and your child will love you for it!


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