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32 Sleeps until Christmas!!!

I know, right? How crazy has this year been for you? I personally have enjoyed seeing the change for people who were working all the time in their offices and now they're at home saving time on the commute and spending a little more time with the kids.

I wonder how your world has changed this year? For us, we work from home anyway, both my husband and I run our own businesses so, for us, it hasn't been a big change. Of course, for me, it's super hard to even contemplate running workshops, social distancing in workshops is pretty hard to manage so I chose to just not do them, sorry to those who really wanted to come along and have some fun, and also to the mummies and daddies who just needed to get some work done without the kids!

I have been working on another project though, which some of you may love! Mummies, this one's for you! I have a wonderful friend named Sandrine, she owns, OneSpace Collective, a lovely space in Mona Vale where I was planning to run workshops this year, she's also the lovely lady who designed the last range of sewing projects like the bee and love heart that we never got to make due to Covid restrictions. Since we first spoke we have come up with a new concept for women, we'll be letting you know about this soon!

For now though, I'm adding a new tab to my website called Plume de Lune, which will have some wonderful illustrations by the talented Sandrine, aka MissRougeArt, they will be available as gorgeous framed prints and also on T-shirts. They are a series of 12 women, based loosely on the zodiac, illustrating the beautiful characteristics of women. Now, I get some of you are not into this...totally cool and I won't be bombarding the page with this, just a quick intro for those who are interested, they'll be available for purchase for Christmas in the next few days, so keep an eye out...also on Instagram.

For those of you who still haven't used your Creative Kids Voucher, you can still use them to buy products from Sew Craft Cook, that's $100 to spend in my store, you can collect them or I can post them out for $12. Take a look, I've had many mummies taking advantage of this and ordering products from all over NSW, which I'm pretty sure are going to land under the Christmas tree. If you don't have a voucher yet, just use your Services NSW account to request a voucher, it's available to every child in NSW 4.5 years to 18 years, no income testing - grab yours and shop online today!

Wishing you a lovely end to a crazy year! Also, keep an eye out here and on Instagram for my Christmas inspo..

Much love to your and your gorgeous kids!

Kate xxx

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