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Advent Calenders

It's less than a month until Christmas!!! How quick has this year gone? Wow, I really can't believe it, it really feels like time has been speeding up. So, all of this means of course that's it's time for an advent calendar, this all kicks in on Monday!

I'm not a big fan of the cheap chocolate ones you buy in Kmart and Coles, I love making my own. No surprise, right? Well..mine is pretty simple but looks good. I'm pretty tempted to use the same as the previous two years, although could change by Sunday...hmmm...creativity does that to you!

I've taken a pair of deer antlers, they're made of resin but still look the part. I have 24 black party favor bags and have used a gold sharpie to write the numbers on them. I fill the bags with whatever I feel like, lindt balls, pfefernusse (German iced gingerbread cookies), trinkets, like pieces of jewellery, little bracelets or earrings, you can grab pretty cute inexpensive ones at Collette, this year I have some stationary items, like textas etc. You could put in little vouchers for a hug or a massage if you like, candy canes, crystals, lip gloss, nail polish...whatever suits you and your family.

Below, I've popped some Advent Calendar Inspo for you. There's some lovely modern styles and then some more traditional ones, they can all be made yourself, well...the little timber door one might be a little complex, but aside from that, they're easy enough to make. Most can be made up as gifts, cards, parcels or hessian bags, which of course are simple to sew and pop together. Another easy idea is to make paper shapes, like stars and sew two side together, filling with candy before sewing up the last side, avoiding the candy when sewing together of course, they can then simply have a hole punched in them and hung with string, once again just number with a sharpie.

It's loads of fun, thinking outside the square of the regular advent calendars all the stores sell, homemade ones give a really personal touch and make each day feel like you're getting a special gift. At our house, we alternate who gets to open one each day, so everyone gets a turn but we don't have to put five things in each day. No-one really needs chocolates everyday either..although you can have a few spares for days when you all deserve a little treat!

I'll post the photo of my advent calendar to instagram and facebook in the next couple of days, it's time to dig out all the decorations and find them. Enjoy your making!

Love Kate xx

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