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Ladies of the Land

Hello to all you lovely ladies, as some of you may know, I previously owned a lovely little shop in Manly Vale called Tiles by Kate. The gorgeous ladies who bought the shop are Eliza and Georgie, two beautiful sisters who are very well known for their philanthropy, Eliza has even shaved her hair more than once for charity. They have are participating in an initiative I thought would be perfect for all you lovely mummies to help with...

They're asking you to grab a shoe box, fill it with lovely items for a lady who lives on the land in these, dry, dusty and difficult times to give our sisters doing it tough a little smile for Christmas and to show them we care and are thinking of them. To those out in Rural Australia it's been a super difficult time. A little random act of kindness will go a very long way to helping them know they are loved and cared about.

If you have just a little time and can spare a few beautiful items to give to them, I cannot tell you the joy that would bring. Think simple soaps, maybe some inpspirational cards, sunscreen, scented candle or scented sticks, new socks, face wipes or whatever else you think would be lovely to recieve... Please remember it is hot out there, so chocolates are lovely but will melt. Maybe tea, shortbread or fruitcake if you're thinking food. It's not a food hamper but feel free to pop in a small treat.

It simply needs to be a shoebox wrapped in newspaper and tied with a ribbon with some lovely girly gifts, and a lovely little note to say you're thinking of them would be perfect too. You can drop them off at Tiles by Kate at 337 Condamine Street Manly Vale (9949 4300) or you can pop in to me at my place, 6 Cecil Road, Newport, just leave them at the front door. if you're further afield than the Northern Beaches, feel free to post the items to the shop. If you could please do this before the end of next week as they'll send them out to country NSW the week after.

Thank you kindly beautiful ladies.

Much love,

Kate xx

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