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Christmas Tree Skirts

Christmas Tree Skirts are always an interesting design statement. They are traditionally the shape of a skirt if held in the air like you'll see in some the photo's below. They can however be baskets, collars or a simple piece of hessian wrapped around the base. Some people probably ignore them all together and the pile of gifts around the base eventually covers it up.

Why do you need one? It's simple to cover up the base of the tree, lots of fake Christmas trees which come with a metal or plastic base. They are pretty unattractive and make the tree look even more fake, so covering them is the go, but there's no need to use the old style tree skirt unless you like that look. They can go from the one just below to the gorgeous one that's shown next.

christmas tree skirt

In the past I have used several different types of cover-ups, I have used a skirt, many years ago that I made from linen, I have place a piece of hessian under the base then tied it up over the base and used stuffing to fill it so it looked a bit of a ball shape and tied a large ribbon around it, this is a great no sew option and you can get patterned hessian too. I more recently used a rope basket like the one below which can be left as is or filled with something to pad it out a little, they can collapse on themself if you leave them empty as they are soft. This year you'll notice wicker baskets finally making their mark, they are called tree collars.

This is the basket I used last year, which put some old cushions in to help pad it out a little to keep its shape.

rope basket

I have included a few items below, these first ones are current lines from Kmart they range from $10-$20

These next ones are from Big W, $20 for the collar or the skirt

These next few are from David Jones, $49.95 for the collars and up to $149.95 for the skirts

To take your tree from this bare based one to the next ones, either fashion your own skirt, a simple circle with a circle cut out of the middle, and a split to get it around the tree or grab a basket and make your own wicker base or rope base like I did. You don't need to split a wicker basket in half to make it fit, just pop the base inside, the ones that are split in half that you join are simple to reduce space for shipping purposes, then when clipped together they form the whole circle, you don;t even need to take out the base from the basket if it fits. If you have a basket that is tapered outwards at the top and this top fits the base of your tree (upside down) you can cut the base out of the basket first, you then put the base down with the stem of the tree attached then pop the basket over the top, after this you can add the branches.

I would love to see what you come up with! Tag me on Instagram and let me see!

Love Kate x

My top tip for finding a hard base like a metal/wicker collar or rope/wicker basket is:

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