• Kate Attfield

FREE Christmas Cards

Hello, and welcome to another week! I wanted to give you something really useful today, I have been popping together some Christmas Cards and thought I would share them with you. Simply grab yourself some good quality printer paper, select your layout and print away, you'll find the file in the DOWNLOAD Folder to the right side of the blog (has the W for Word on the image). They are simple cards which will print just the front page, if you want them to be folded just select the right position on the page to print. They are great for kids to take to school or for small gifts, if you chose the right cardstock you can add some embellishments too. If you want them even more sturdy glue them to some proper cardstock, you can buy large packs in Kmart of 50 for about $4-5 and add ribbons, glitter, or whatever you like! Enjoy.

Kate x

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