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Christmas Wreaths

I love a good door wreath and have decided to share a few ideas with you so you can get started and have it ready for when you pop your tree up. Lots of people aim to put their tree up around December 1st, so you'll have about three weeks to make a door wreath.

Last year I made a wreath from a timber embroidery hoop with some gum leaves tied to it, from one of our huge gumtrees at home and a pair of small faux deer antlers. Check out Bed Bath and Table for gorgeous things to decorate with for Christmas.

Below you'll see some inspo for Christmas wreaths, firstly there's a non-traditional but gorgeous deer antler wreath, I love deers so I love this idea. Then you have a beachy look but with a few snowflakes to give the Chrismassy look, there's some fresh greenery and pinecones on rattan and then just fresh greenery, of course there's the more traditional pine cone one but with a beautiful set of lights through it, I have one of these and it's super cute at night time, last year I put it on a hand-made timber surfboard my husband made, then there's a super beachy aqua one for a more summery vibe.

Here's a few more, this berry one is cute with it's traditional Christmas red and green but with a relaxed feel and organic composition, the boho look is beautiful in this next one and it remindes me a little of a fairy dell, the lavender and cinnamon that are in the third one just look like they would smell so good and are perfect for a cottage style home, super easy to make is the next one which is simple greenery around a coathanger and tied up with twine, adding a few pinecones and a star with a hot glue gun, another easy one next, you can wrap your own vine that you find or buy a basic wreath and just poke fresh greenery amongst it for a fresh and simple look, and last but not least a thin vine with baubles and small details for a whimsical and perhaps beachy lux look if you add seashells.

So, how do you make them though? Here's a few quick and easy ones for you which can create into your very own home made door wreath, the kids can help or enjoy yourself, maybe pour a glass of wine and do this as a quiet activity all by yourself, you'll love it!

Take a basic metal coathanger and bend it into a round shape, leave the hanger at the top to hang it from the door, you can use a ribbon to hand it and attach it to the top back of the door with a thumb tack, this not only looks good it saves hammering a nail into your beautiful front door and ruining it! If you wish to buy your metal wreath already made, you'll be able to pick one up at Kmart, Spotlight or other craft and discount stores.

Gather your items, such as fresh leaves, here you see pine, but if you have others feel free to experiment, herbs make great wreaths and not everyone has a pine tree handy. You can use bay leaves, rosemary, Australian natives, like gum leaves, christmas bush or whatever you like. Secure the leaves with some twine, plain jute, or like pictured here red and white stripes look great, you can use ribbon too, last year I used a black and white striped twine. Black ribbon with give you a lux look, as will gold or silver, white will be elegant and fresh, red will give you the Chrissmassy feel. If you would rather not see the twine, choose a matching green yarn or tuck it under the greenery and hide it as best you can, you can also use thin wire to secure the greenery.

Using a glue gun is the easiest way to attach extra bits and pieces to your wreath, you can pick them up cheap from discount stores, Kmart and craft stores.

Try collecting little Christmas decorations to add to your wreath, you may even have something from last years Christmas to add like this little felt deer. They're usually only a couple of dollars and add heaps of personality to your wreath.

If you like a more natural look, grab a basic wreath, once again from Kmart or a discount store and attach your greenery with a hot glue gun or once again ribbon or wire. Put a wide chunky ribbon on to hang from the door. Remember the leaves will die so if you want it fresh fro Christmas Day you may need to make it no earlier than a week before Christmas or simply refresh your wreath by taking off the dead leaves and adding new fresh ones just before Christmas day. I don't mind the look of leaves dried on the wreath so I left mine last year and as I chose gum leaves they still looked great. You can always let them go dry and add a few sprigs of fresh flowers on Christmas Eve to freshen the look up just in time.

Here's some last minute gorgeous inspo for you, the stylish black door looks beautiful with a door wreath, and the traditional wreath suits this style of house perfectly. I truly hope you enjoy designing your own wreath! Match it to your house style and match it your personal style, add colour or leave it neutral, it creates the vibe for Christmas at your home so make the look match with your idea of Christmas be that beachy, relaxed, farmhouse, traditional, whatever your look have fun with it! I'm deciding on mine now, will let you know what I chose! Tag sewcraftcook on your wreath so I can take a look too!


Kate xx

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