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October School Holidays

I'm sure you're all eagerly awaiting the October School Holidays...or..maybe not! I'm working on some cute things to make these holidays but have hit a little block...our lovely usualy Community Centre isn't available as Northern Beaches Council are doing some maintenance on the centre (like heating & air con!!). What that means is I'm waiting on the booking confirmation of one or two of the other community centres. As soon as I find out the dates and location/s I'll pop up a booking page for you. Thanks in advance for your patience!

Here's what's happening though... I love dolls houses, ok embarrasing, I know! Kids love them too, right? I have decided to do a series of miniature workshops these holidays with a different room each day! We'll be taking inspo for my design but I really want the kids to think about their ideal rooms too and make spaces they love, using colours, textures, patterns and designs they like. Here's a look at my bedroom idea and I'll be making more shortly to show you. There will also be an outdoor space, loungeroom, kitchen, bathroom & camping space.

Dolls House Lounge Room

In preparation it would be awesome if you're thinking of coming along if you could bring some stuff from your house, like shoe boxes, small/tiny cardboard boxes, plastic tubs we might be able to use. As an example, I have made a bath out of the base of a laundry liquid bottle, the vanity from a small box from the pantry etc. Anything you think we could use without loading me with piles of trash :-) would be awesome. The kids could even take a look on Pinterest for ideas and then bring those ideas and old throw out stuff with them. I'll of course collect all I can.. The kids love the chance to make tiny cushions and blankets on the sewing machines, so they'll get plenty of chances these holidays to free style what they like, they'll absolutely love it. I think making tiny cushions is one of their favourite things, wait until they make this doona & beanbag!

I look forward to seeing all you lovely mummies & daddies and gorgeous children in a few weeks! Will let you know as soon as I have the actual dates & locations! Thinking Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday both weeks (depending on availability), hoping to know by Tuesday.

Thanks to those of you who have already bought my new Sewing Kits! Big Love! I'm so excited you like them! If you haven't picked up your order, it's at the front door waiting for you.



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