• Kate Attfield

Sewing a Fox with Zoe Eve

I just saw a post from Zoe where she has filmed a You Tube for her channel Zoe Eve Productions of her sewing my large fox kit. It's super cute, so jump on take a look and follow her, she also does excercise video's - great for kids! Then you can pop over to my channel and subscribe for sewing how to's and soon cooking and craft ones too! Good healthy content for your kids to watch on the school holidays!

If any of my subscribers buy a large kit from and write me a review, I'll send you a free mini kit of your choice, just send me a message and let me know!

I'm taking a few days break and then back at the workshops next Monday (theres a few spaces for Wednesdays class if you've missed out so far, we're sewing a whale, cooking chocolate mousse and hand sewing little hessian snowflakes. Enjoy your day!! Kate x

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