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It's School Holidays!!

It's officially Winter School Holidays In Sydney! We are of course hosting school holiday workshops and i've opened a few more spaces up so you can still book if you've been a bit slow on the uptake!

Here's a few great idea's you can get the kids to do if they've been to SewCraftCook before...

Make a batch of scones, super easy and it's fun whipping the cream too!

Taco Tuesday by the kids - a great easy dish for the kids to whip up and they can add what they like and leave out what they don't.

Wheat bags are a great winter project - you can grab wheat at the pet store, it's used for chicken feed! Just grap some fabric, cut a rectangle, sew up three sides, if you're hand sewing, use backstitch so the wheat doesn't fall out the gaps! Add the wheat and some lavender if you have it, if not sprinkle a few drops of lavender essential oil in it and then sew shut. You can check out my You Tube Video on basic hand stitches if you's a link

I'm excited to be seeing some of you next week and the week after! Remember we're at North Narrabeen Community Centre behind the North Narrabeen Shops (the Northern side of Narrbeen Bridge) - turn up Gondola or Rickard and drive via the lane way behind the shops to Woorrara Avenue and we're just beside the Tennis & Child care centres.

See you soon!!!

Happy Holidays

Kate xx

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