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‘Creativity is Intelligence having fun'  Albert Einstein

So, what is creativity?

Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create or make something.

Being creative is finding your way around an obstacle. We grow by thinking laterally. It takes our intelligence having fun to be creative. When we expand our perceptions through lateral thinking and have fun with it, we learn new ways to problem solve and find innovative ways to create and make and because it's fun it provides joy and happiness, whilst teaching us to be thinkers and create solutions to problems. Learning basic skills in sewing, craft & cooking allows children to feel confident coming up with an original idea and giving it a go. With a love of these skills based on fun experiences, children will come up with a thought of an end product and rely on their taught skills to help solve the problem of how to create or make the idea come to life.

Children are great at thinking of new ideas. They can create an imaginary character, place or even a cake that sounds delicious. How do they bring that creative thought to life? They don't just go and make it, the product they imagined needs to be crafted and this creates a small set of problems that needs solutions. Given the time, space and enough basic skills they will solve this problem in creative ways.

SewCraftCook provides the basic skills for children to learn and solve their creative ideas by giving them confidence in their abilities to make and create complex items they wouldn't have thought possible. Every time a new child comes along to a workshop they look at the project we are going to sew and have a beautiful look of excitement of learning a new skill that will help them create the finished object. The best part is when they finish their projects, they are so empowered by their new skills and their beautiful projects and workmanship that they can't wait to come back again. Most of them want to show caregivers how clever they are for making something so lovely.

It is a joy and a pleasure to help foster creativity in your children and provide them with the basic skills of problem-solving to enhance and enrich their creativity.

What can you do to help expand their creativity?

Provide them with basic materials, skills and the time and space to come up with new ideas and to play long enough to solve the problem of how to make the idea come to life. You'll be amazed if you sit back and watch how clever your little ones really are. Encourage every effort, don't micromanage and try to make it perfect. These are adult perceptions which children don't actually understand. Perfection to a child is perfect in their eyes; remember to the old adage ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. Children are still developing motor skills so at times their craftsmanship could be improved but this will only happen over time and with practice and also with age and developmental stage. Their craftsmanship is likely to be perfect for their stage. So let them create the best they can, what you are fostering is independence and a chance to explore. Your job as a loving, caring parent is to provide opportunities to explore ideas. Give them help if they ask, sometimes they really want something they are doing to be done better or some skills are just a little out of their reach like threading a needle or tying a knot. Be there to help them without interfering and interrupting their creative flow. Remember their intelligence is driving their creativity and it needs to be fun or it feels like work and creativity doesn't occur.

Enjoy your beautiful children and their path to negotiating the world around them. Creativity is a major part of expanding the mind which in turn expands our soul. We can give our children no greater gift than facilitating the expansion of their souls by empowering their minds and souls through creativity.

With much love,



‘Empowering minds and souls through creativity'

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