• Kate Attfield

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2019!

I thought I would share with you our new back yard addition at my house, it's our gorgeous new chicken coop! We decided that the children needed to have something different for Christmas so we bought us all chickens! We love them! Do you like their home? We bought a brown cubby house from Kmart, did a reno on it and built the chicken run for them off the side... I love it!

Well, last year bought many surprises to Sew Craft Cook. Most of you are now aware that we are no longer in our premises at Mona Vale. I sold the workshop space for a couple of reasons, most of which was that I have had a very bad back for over three years and it wasn't improving at all. I'm happy to say that now that I'm not running After School Classes 2-3 times a week and up to 4 Parties every weekend my back is now feeling quite recovered! ...So my apologies to you all but after trying to struggle through I'm now getting back to my good old self and being free of pain is amazing!!! Thank you all for your support during this time, it means so much to me.

I put a lot of effort in getting our Sew Craft Cook Kits up and running last year too, so for those of you who have supported this side of Sew Craft Cook, thank you so so much! I've been packing up pallets and I'm ready to ship off loads of kits to the USA in the next week. Let's get kids sewing our lovely projects around the world!

We're very happy with our new home at North Narrabeen Community & Tennis Centre, it's a great sized hall with lovely kitchen and a fabulous outdoor area so we can have morning tea and lunch outside and have a run around. This centre is behind the North Narrabeen Shops at the base of Woorrara Avenue (which goes up to Elanora) not the Tramshed... (might help you find us)

We also found another lovely home at the Cottage Quiltworks in Daydream Street, Warriewood, where we hosted two pre-christmas workshops for kids who finished up early from Private Schools. We'll be looking to do this during the extra holidays during the year too..

This summer has been a scorcher and due to the heat I was inspired to host a workshop series around African culture. So you'll find elephants, giraffe's, lions, monkeys, rhino's, african dolls as welll as doughnuts, ice cream and lemon meringue cupcakes and beading with paper, glass bottles and feathered pens as well as drawing techniques to learn to draw an elephant.

We have fabulous new teachers too...they were at our last two workshops are were awesome! We have Francis who is a professional music teacher, who has a great passion for craft and sewing and we have Melissa, a professional tailor with an impressive resume gained over many years in working as a costume desinger in England and beyond and Vittoria a professional artist!

We can't wait for you to join us these holidays! Pop over to the Book Holidays page to check them out and book in.. they start on 14th January.

Lots of love

Kate xx


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