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Time Flies!

Wow! How was the last post from Christmas? I'm obviously not the most active blogger around! We're all gearing up for school holidays in July already... working away, designs done and now we're about to sew the prototypes then onto all the cutting out! Quite a lot has happened since my last post. After the very fun and successful Easter Holidays where we made gorgeous bunnies, decorated easter eggs, made bags and many more things we decided we were in need of a massive clean up! So exciting! We've moved a few things, displayed a few things and now it looks much better! It's more open and the kitchen is finally finished so we're feeling pretty fresh here at Sew Craft Cook. You'll have to pop by to take a look!

We've got the lovely ladies from Boomerang Bags Avalon here sewing each Tuesday, making fabric bags which they pop into their drop boxes around the Avalon Shops, so if you forget your enviro bags you can borrow one of their and bring it back next time you're in town...thus "Boomerang" ..bring it back! Love it! Sew Craft Cook has donated space to these beautiful women (and a man or two) each Tuesday so they can sew away in a lovely friendly environment and Sew Craft Cook can help save the planet too! They would love a few volunteers if you can sew... just let me know or pop by on Tuesdays after 11am :-)

Here's a few images of some of our recent sewing, crafting and cooking fun.. leather work for Mothers Day by our After School Class, Easter Cupcakes, Linen Bunnies and Head towels made on a our Spa Day. Speaking of Spa Day, it was so popular we'll be repeating it during the Spring holidays in some way.. It's also getting added to our party options!!!

Until next time (hopefully sooner than last time!)

Kate and Team xxx

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